A cemetery for antique architectural details

Did you ever read The shadow of the wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón? Set in Barcelona, it tells us about Daniel, the main character, and how he, through his father, discovers The Cemetery of Forgotten Books; an enormous, old library hidden away from the world and only open to a selected few. Well, I’ve discovered the equivalent, but rather than for books, it’s a cemetery for antique architectural details. From the outside it appears to be an old warehouse selling vast wooden doors and old bathtubs, but entering through a maze of stacked old tiles with beautiful patterns, you’ll discover a space filled with antique lamps, crates, wooden tables, benches and chairs, huge marble sinks, taps and showerheads for old bathtubs, and in the back, loads and loads of old windows and doors. Daniel is allowed to choose one book to take home with him. I wish the same were true for this place. I’d definitely choose the wooden staircase, but where, oh where, would I put it?

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