1. Briefing

Meeting with the client for the briefing sets the basis of the project economically, timewise and creatively.

2. Research / Analysis

Conducting a thorough analysis and the necessary research at an early stage is important. 

3. Projecting

Projecting conceptual and initial ideas for client feedback meeting.

4. Client feedback

The design process is dynamic, and the client’s input essential in achieving the best results.

5. Projecting / Revisions

Projecting and revising the project in accordance to feedback and progress made in client meeting.

6. Detailing / Specifying

Creating the detailed basis for structural tender reports, plan drawings and furnishing, is an important step in assuring a successful project. 

7. Follow up / As-built

Follow up and control on building site is important to ensure wanted project realisation. As-Built documentation provided if required.

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