Friday Five – ArchitecTour in Barcelona

Friday Five take 1: Collaborating with architects in Barcelona, Design i sentrum has developed a brand called ArchitecTOUR, through which we offer guided tours and visits to Barcelona with a focus on architecture and design. Our ArchitecTOUR webspace is up and running, filled with ideas and information to help you plan your next Barcelona trip, Design i sentrum style. Check it out here:
(Also available in Norwegian: ArkitekTUR and Spanish: ArquitecTOUR).

Friday Five take 2: Via ArchitecTour we offer a lot of interesting tours in Barcelona; introductions to Catalan Modernism, a different look at la Sagrada Familia, tours of the old town Barrio Gotico, and a look at the latest within interior design, among other things. Go to our website to learn more about Popular Tours, or follow our blog for updates.

Vaulted Ceiling

Friday Five take 3: Design your own trip to Barcelona using our expertise and our guides! Our popular tours are just examples of what we can offer. However everything can be adapted and combined to suit your wishes. As we say it’s:

Your time

Your guide

Your tour

So what more natural than you being in charge of shaping and moulding your trip to perfection? Read more under ArchitecTour/Your Design on our website. Link in site. Info also available in Norwegian and Spanish.

Friday Five take 4: Are you planning a company trip to Barcelona? Would you like access to certain buildings, or contact with local designers, architects or people working within your sector in Barcelona? Through our extensive network we can organise exclusive and personal itineraries, and open many doors for you. Read more under ArchitecTour/Corporate on our website.
Information also available in Norwegian and Spanish.

Friday Five take 5: Last, but not least in this week’s Friday Five we want you to know that we’ve posted information about where to eat, sleep and shop under ArchitecTour. Just a small selection of some of our favorite places in Barcelona, based on great design, a great location, and a great concept. If you’re traveling here in the near future, we highly recommend you to ask about these sites. We will be updating and adding more info and photos as we go along, so stay tuned!
Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Friday Five and that you’ll make use of our webspace ArchitecTOUR.
Thanks for following, liking and commenting! You guys are the best!

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