Friday Five – Lázaro Rosa-Violán Special

Friday Five take 1: Design i sentrum has just gotten back from a 3 week long research and study trip to Barcelona, and we’re simply bursting with creativity and inspiration! Been researching new places, making new acquaintances and discovering so much fantastic architecture and design! Now we want to share all of it with you, and hopefully inspire you to want to travel with us to discover a different part of Barcelona – exploring this magnificent city through architecture and design.
Lots more info and inspiration coming to the website shortly, but as we’re so eager to get started, we’re kicking it off today with a Friday Five Lázaro Rosa-Violán special.
Not sure who he is? Stay tuned to find out more about his studio and his creations. In the meantime, feast you eyes on this. El Nacional is, in our opinion, his most spectacular restaurant project to date. Enjoy!


Friday Five take 2: Lázaro Rosa-Violán – the name which, these days in Barcelona is on everybody’s lips – is the man behind Contemporain Studio that first opened in 2002. Trained painter come interior architect, he’s known for a having a playfull way with the interiors he designs, mixing materials, patterns and styles in a way that not so many have done before him. Along with his team he undertakes projects including everything from hotels and bars, to restaurants and shops, and in Barcelona – if you’re looking for those cool designer places – it’s certainly impossible not to stumble upon one of his marvellous creations.
For Praktik Bakery Hotel, he has designed this clean and lush look allowing materials typical for the mediterranean to meet with a slightly more Scandinavian design. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the smell from the bakery downstairs reaching you in all parts of the hotel, gives it just that extra feel of lushness.


Friday Five take 3: Visiting a restaurant designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán – and we never thought we’d say this, but – checking out the facilities is an absolute must! So many of his restaurants have unisex bathrooms, something that generates more space and allows him to be even more playful in his designs…and instead of choosing beautiful taps in chrome and traditional porcelain sinks, the pipes are left exposed for a rough look and are sometimes also given further significance, like here where they frame the mirrors. Sinks are usually made from pottery, or from marble. These amazing marble sinks are found in many old houses in Barcelona and are just to die for.
Exposing and using old piping is a trend we see all over Barcelona, but also something that we noticed on the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this year. It seems to be a trend picking up all over Europe.
And, are we the only ones that feel that this reminds a little of the designs of Marcel Duchamp?


Friday Five take 4: Although his projects vary in style and design, Lázaro Rosa-Violán’s designs are recognisable for his lack of fear when it comes to juxtaposing different materials and trends, and most of all he seems to love to play around with lighting. Lamps are more often than not ones we’ve never seen before, and he’ll gladly have one type of lamp hanging over one row of tables, and a completely different one over the next. The mixing and matching makes for a feast for the eyes and does not leave you bored if you’ve gone out to dine alone.
This particular photo was taken in ArtTe, an innovative space with great food and an artistic feel. Not only is the space designed by Rosa-Violán, which then of course also tells you that the facilities are fab and must be seen, but the white and uncluttered walls also serve another purpose as a backdrop for projections in the evening, and in the entrance, well, there’s a wall that serves as a canvas for various artists invited to make their mark for a short period of time before another one takes over…


Friday Five take 5: Visiting Barcelona and wanting to absorb as much as possible of design and architecture, shopping and great food while you’re there, can be exhausting. We definitely needed to chill out between all the research and sightseeing, and were so happy to find that more than one of the hotels designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán had amazing outdoors areas in the courtyards. Not only do these places allow you a peek into the Eixample area and discover how people really live, they also give you a moments rest, in the outdoors, away from all the hustle and bustle of the streets.
This backyard garden sits behind the Cotton House Hotel on Gran Via and has recently opened as one of the last in a long line of Lázaros designs. He once said that “…I like to create a core feeling of history through the components as if they were always there”, something which we think he has managed exceptionally well in this hotel. Many of the old elements are still in tact; the very special spiral staircase, the adorned ceilings, and the beautiful wooden floors, but his new designs somehow sits so nicely in with the old that deciding what is what is sometimes challenging.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Friday Five and that it’s inspired you to want to travel to Barcelona with us and visit, among other things, some of these amazing sites. If you want to know more about the architectural trips and tours we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us, ask us for an offer, or go to our website for more information. Link in site.
Thanks so much to everyone for following, liking and commenting. It means so much!

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