Gastronomy and architecture go hand in hand, and function in a kind of symbiosis.
This may sound strange, but it actually makes a lot of sense.
Both focus on designing something new and better,
more attractive and spectacular than before.

In Bilbao and the Basque Country in general, this symbiosis is palpable; the culture of the poteo or txikiteo, which consists of going from bar to bar enjoying spectacular pintxos
(a bite size snack held together by a toothpick) and drinking small glasses of wine txakoli (txikitos) or beer (zuritos), if juxtaposed with an environment where the interior design enhances the senses, preparing them for good food;
the scene is set for an excellent dining experience!

In the Basque Country, everything is designed to surprise the senses, even the names of pintxos or snacks are made to awaken your appetite, such as: Gildas, Tigres, Txapelas, Txangurro, Txaka, Txipirones, Marmitako, Sukalki, Zurrukutuna, Goxua, etc …

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