Las Fallas in Valencia

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Every year around this time, the city of Valencia turns into a festive site beyond comparison. Hosting Las Fallas, which is actually the name of the enormous sculptures made from papier mâché that can be seen all over the city, it invites some million visitors to participate in a fiesta consisting of all day and night long street parties, parades, concerts and paella cooking competitions, and of course, to experience some of the most impressive and long lasting firework displays around!

After a week of welcoming spring with an almost constant sounds of petardos, the firecrackers that for the occasion are sold on every street corner and bought by every youngster within miles of the city, the daily Mascletà that takes place in Plaza del Ayuntamiento and that for more than five minutes makes a rhythmical firework display of sound (yes, it takes place during the day which means you don’t actually see much of it) that shakes you to the very core of your body, – after wandering the streets taking it all in and of course trying to see as many of the amazingly well made and tall(!) Fallas structures as possible – in certain areas they seem to possess every single street corner – , well, the valencians set fire to it all and continue their celebration into the night as they literally watch about a year’s work go up in flames!

It’s definitely worth a visit! I was there a few years ago, and my favourite part were the brilliant firework displays taking place during the evenings along the dried out river. The fact that it’s a competition between different parties assures a very high quality display, more amazing than I’d ever seen before, but also the first of which the design of the display, for me, was like a gourmet dinner including a teasing start like an appetizer, in-between meals to clear you palate, the main course – a large bulk that in this case makes your neck hurt – and last, but not least, the dessert; the climax and the perfect way end of the meal and your evening! If you’re interested, check out the video below. Bon appétit!