Oliveta – a classic Catalan summer drink

To me, a big part of experiencing a different culture, is doing what the locals do. Well, Catalan people very often mix alcohol with soft drinks, and especially so during summer. One of their favourites, which is of course also very Catalan, is the Oliveta, more commonly known as Vermouth with siphon. It’s basically Vermouth served neat alongside a funny looking plastic covered spray bottle, locally called siphon, containing something similar to fizzy water. And the idea is you top up your Vermouth with the fizzy water, all the while intending not to make a big mess. The last touch is the olive, hence the name, and voilà; you have your Oliveta!

Keep your eyes peeled for Vermouth bars in Barcelona – they’re all over. And should you not find one, well, then Casa Almirall is a safe bet.

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