Design, remodelling and furnishing of existing office space for the marketing department at BBS’s headquarters.
From the conceptual stage, and throughout the design, remodelling and furnishing
of this space, focus was on functionality, efficiency, and on creating
a timeless expression that would also work well as a basis for coming projects.
For a company with more than 600 employees that is constantly growing, maximizing use was key.
A thorough analysis was conducted, space planning designed and re-designed,
and furniture chosen with the aim of creating a coherent and efficient work space.
The final plan focuses on good communication and circulation within the space,
giving the workers immediate access to sufficient amounts of meeting rooms and printing facilities.
These facilities were gathered in two different blocks withdrawn from the windows,
thereby creating an efficient separation between the entrance and social areas, and the work spaces.
The facilitation of many meeting places of various sizes discourages unnecessary chatting and noise in the working areas.
Colour, shape and furnishings were consciously used as a means to highlight
and differentiate various zones, uses and functions.
  • Area: 950m2
  • Client: BBS
  • Interior architecture: Eili Frøholm Olsen for Arkitektkontoret Eide og Haslestad AS

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