Design, rehabilitation and furnishing of existing boardroom for the Norwegian Railway Authority.
The pentagonal room was traditionally furnished in teak with a custom designed table and a ceiling with a similar geometric form.
By letting go of this geometry, we managed to create a new and modern interior.
In order to break with the old, we introduced the ellipse as a new form.
The ellipse successfully connects the new furnishings to the existing polygonal,
domed ceiling through a common center point, further accentuated by the pendant light feature. 
We wanted the intriguing geometry, volume and form of the room to stand out, and therefore kept the colors sharp and simple.
Interior design work included projection, renovation and furnishing; space planning, materials, lighting and color scheme.
  • Area: 50m2
  • Client: Norwegian Railway Authority
  • Interior architecture: Eili Frøholm Olsen for Arkitektkontoret Eide og Haslestad AS

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