Interior Architect Eili Frøholm Olsen and Flower Designer Marianne Leren collaborate
across genres on installations and exhibition art and have,
together with Spanish electricians, participated in “Temps de Flors”.
The flower festival takes place in Girona every year, and hosted nearly 200 exhibitors and 200 000 visitors in 2016.
In 2011 National Geographic declared Girona Temps de Flors one of the world’s top ten travel destinations.
The duo’s chosen location was an old cinema, Antic Cinema Modern, which burned down in 1988.
With the concept time they wanted to emphasise and investigate the contrasts the space:
dead – alive
exterior – interior
open – closed
status quo – development
light – dark
construction/architecture – nature
silence – expression

Their installation aimed to create a dialogue between the opposing contrasts of the space.
With the cinema’s existing remains setting the scene,
they introduced natural elements and recycled materials to the installation,
like bamboo and old red carpets from the cinema, in respect of both nature and the history of the building.
In the entrance area a vintage typewriter was linked up to a modern laptop and projector,
encouraging the public to participate in the work by writing a word.
Here, the concept of time was investigated further via the technological development;
from the typewriter to # and selfies.
The name of the installation was #AraGirona, which means #NowGirona,
further reflecting that time is relative.
Since the cinema does not have a roof, here, time did not stand still.
Nature has played its part, and every day it was obvious how the sun,
wind and rain played a part in setting the stage by throwing shades and creating movement and sounds.
  • Area: 300 m2
  • Client: Girona “Temps de Flors” 2017
  • Interior architectureEili Frøholm Olsen
  • Flower design: Marianne Leren
  • Electricians: David Lopez Gil & Roso Tarragona

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