The VEA championship is arranged in September every year at VEA in Moelv, Norway.
In 2016, Flower Designer Marianne Leren invited Design i sentrum to participate in the competition,
thereby kick-starting an interesting collaboration.
The task was presented as follows:
”Make a botanic work from these words, with a coherent title:
The space in between
The work is to be presented in your chosen exterior location at VEA
Developing a concept, the duo’s thoughts quickly moved from fysical space to space in time.
With the concept LIFE they also found their desired location; a burbling water source.
Water is life and represents something safe, the start of everything.
From this base they created a work that stretched to the skies, up and ”into the future”.
With the form’s dramatic appearance and perspective,
they wanted to shed light on life’s challenges and development.
The duo came in 5th place.

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