Projection, development and design of bespoke furniture.
Designing this demonstration kitchen for a Norwegian food producer, the form more or less
developed from the room’s natural limitations; windows on three walls and two centrally placed pillars.
The challenge was to create a functional kitchen given these boundaries, and we thus early
decided on using Corian; a mouldable material enabling the wanted design result.
The solution was to design a bespoke table formed around and fitted to the existing columns,
providing the kitchen with a large central work surface, also practical for meetings and presentations.
Raised above this table and fitted with recessed lighting,
the two shelves designed in the same manner, are perfect for product presentation.
Corian was also selected for the main work surface to achieve a coherent expression.
Starting on the floor, folding its way over the kitchen cabinets, and ending in a curve enclosing open shelves.
The continuation of the organic forms ties this piece to the rest of the kitchen, and also assures
a natural space between it and the window, allowing this to be perceived as a single piece of furniture.
The sink is also bespoke, cast into the worktop, drawing inspiration for its form from the company logo.
The material and colour scheme was based on a clean and minimalist style allowing the focus to be on the food.
With the white and delicate Corian, the idea was to provide a kitchen that would be for a chef
what a canvas is for a painter; a blank slate allowing the artwork
– in this case the food – to stand out.
Oiled oak was introduced in the cabinets to add a warm feel and break with all the white.
Corian is an interesting material to work with, durable and easy to maintain.
Moulded under high temperatures, it can be glued
and polished leaving joints completely invisible.
  • ClientNorwegian food production company
  • Furniture designEili Frøholm Olsen for Arkitektkontoret Eide og Haslestad AS

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