Renovation of old staircase.
This family had an old solid pine wood staircase with inlaid carpet. They remembered vividly
fitting the staircase the first time around, and finally being able to move safely between the three floors
after months of rebuilding and having to climb up and down ladders.
They still loved the staircase, so changing it completely was therefore out of the question,
but the yellow tinted pine gave it an outdated feel.
The solution was to get rid of all the old lacquer and instead treat the pine with a white pigmented oil to lighten
it and give it that delicate Scandinavian look. The stairs and the adjacent areas on all 3 floors were fitted with new sisal.
With this makeover the stairs have reclaimed their position in the house.
The durable and gorgeous sisal flooring unites the 3 floors and gives them a timeless and coherent expression.
  • ClientPrivate
  • Interior architectEili Frøholm Olsen

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