Design and construction of a family house in Røykås, Norway.
The architects were approached by a family with young children who had bought the dream property,
but struggled to find a solution within standard prefabricated housing that would meet their needs.
The couple wanted a practical house for a family of four, well adapted to the terrain and existing vegetation.
They wished to take advantage of the height of the property to enjoy the spectacular views,
and stressed the need for functional space planning and good access to the outdoors areas.
Based on the nature of the site, work begun on designing five half-floors tied together by a central staircase.
The couple had a good dialogue with the interior architect throughout the process,
which meant ideas and changes to the interior were addressed before building begun.
Small adjustments to the facade improved and economised the interior spaces
and assured the good end result.
With two active young children, the couple wanted a home with room for diversion that would
also allow them to see and interact with the children whether they were outside,
in their rooms or watching TV. The dialogue between the floors, the open plans and
the many windows in all parts of the house, give them this feeling of freedom.
  • Area330m2
  • ClientPrivate
  • Interior architectureEili Frøholm Olsen

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