Design, development and implementation of window displays.
Since Tomina Hair Salon is located on a busy street, the window display and presentation
of the salon was implemented as an important part of the project.
The concept that was chosen can be summarised as set-change (with reference to theatre);
not only would the salon undergo major changes, but the nature of a hairdresser’s profession
is precisely that of changing the customer’s physical appearance before they again “enter the stage”.
The windows symbolise the curtain; the physical boundary between inside and outside.
As with the salon, the concept that was implemented into the window design was based on natural elements.
The windows reflect the four seasons and thus have a dynamic appearance, while they never get outdated.
The summer window depicts water and the sea, and associates the owner to her hometown
Stad through the use of her father’s old fishing nets.
The autumn window is characterised by leaves in warm orange and red tones, and by the harvesting of ripe apples.
The winter window is covered by ice and snow, and a pair of skates and a sleigh indicate the seasonal activities.
And finally come spring with its bright lights and green birch trees.
This window display allows the salon to change its appearance four times a year in line with what is happening in nature.
The base is simple and can be easily adapted year after year with various summer, autumn, winter, and spring elements.
Adding products and promotional material in a natural way is easy.
  • ClientTomina Frisør AS
  • Interior architectEili Frøholm Olsen for BesiTre AS 

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